Come Reclaim Your Practice


Come cool off in the shade with Ananda Woodworks at BhaktiFest in Joshua Tree, CA and be in the Bhav with us.




Confident & Creative

“Lots of love & gratitude to Ananda Woodworks.  I was able to bring my mat & this beautiful strap with me to el País Vasco!

Nathan’s beautiful craftmanship is one of a kind!

Props allow you to deepen your practice by finding space, stability, support and they facilitate a more confident & creative practice!  Ananda Woodworks will deepen your practice with love & groundedness!”

~Jasmine Zugarramurdi, E-RYT

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This might just be Ananda Woodworks’ most worldly and well-traveled yoga prop yet!

Wild & Wonderful

“I have a deeply rooted need to be grounded.  Ananda Woodworks does it!

They’re repurposed, handmade, non-PVC / non-toxic, ethically conscious and truly Wild & Wonderful!

They inspire my daily home practice to actually happen — daily!

I want to feel grounded, safe, and strong doing yoga — these beautiful blocks are a part of that for me.”

~Lindsay Shooler, E-RYT & Owner of
Happy Goat Yoga, Wheeling WV




Mindfulness Manifested

“There’s this incredible sense of grounding when I practice with wooden props.  

It’s hard to describe, like dropping in to a deeper connection with the earth as soon as I lay back onto a bolster or wrap my fingers around a block.  It makes sense: we’re more connected with an earth element on wood rather than a polyester – stuffed bolster or a foam block.   

Nathan’s work––his process–is so meditative it just radiates out of his gorgeous props. You’ll never go back to a synthetic once you experience this kind of mindfulness  manifested.”

Jessie Tierney,  SPT, E-RYT200
YogAscent: Heighten Your Practice

Solidity & Smoothness

“When I am getting ready to start my yoga practice, I make sure that I have my Ananda Woodworks blocks ready!
I love having the solidity and smoothness of these blocks incorporated into my yoga time.
The beauty and weight of the wood is unsurpassed and clearly shows the quality and time put into crafting them.
I’m so glad to be able to have such beautiful and functional pieces in my home and practice!”
~Aidan Ristow, RYT200

Can yoga props become heirlooms?

“Ananda Woodworks yoga props are the absolute highest quality.  Can yoga props become heirlooms?  If the answer is yes, than these are the ones that will qualify!  Bolster, blocks and straps are all durable, wood grain is exceptionally beautiful, they will certainly last generations.  No detail is overlooked, edges are gently rounded and each piece is silky smooth. Using these props is a uniquely satisfying sensory experience, they emit warmth and life into my practice. Kudos to Nathan the talented craftsperson who creates them.”

~Cindy Ristow, RYT200

So Unique

“There’s something very special about these beautifully handcrafted yoga props. The solid weight of the blocks helps ground your practice, and the strap is long enough for any use; so unique with the hand-carved buckle; and I know will last the rest of my life as a yogini! It is such a joy to have these gorgeous props that support and inspire my yoga practice–something that doesn’t come with run-of-the-mill yoga props.”

~Kate Rinder
M.Ed. & Happy 15+ year Yogini



Mark Your Calendars!


… for the Bellingham Commercial Street Night Markets!

Six Night Markets in 2018!  Ananda Woodworks will be there Every third Friday of the month from May – September plus a holiday market in December! 6:00 – 10:00 pm on the 1300 block of Commercial Street in Bellingham, WA.  Look for live yoga demos using Ananda Woodworks platforms and props!  Come try a restorative pose on a reclaimed yoga bolster!  See you there!

R E C L A I M      Y O U R      P R A C T I C E

Reclaim Your Practice. Hand Crafted Yoga Props made in Sedro Woolley, WA